Sunday, October 5, 2014

Peek - a- BOO....It's Sneak Peek Day #2!!!

Are you ready for another fun Spooky Sneak
from my NEW Front Porch Kit?!?!!?

"BOO in a BOX" is soon to be revealed...
this Tuesday, Oct. 7th!
...but for now I will just bewitch you with another Sneak!
Today, I'm showing you a look at some of
the goodies in my Kit.

Check back tomorrow and I'll show you some peeks
of a few of my Spooktastic Projects designed
from my "BOO in a BOX" Kit.

Be sure to visit the LBH Blog to see more peeks
and enter a chance to WIN!

Hop over to my fellow Design Team Ghouls blogs too...
They have some "Boo"tiful peeks to share with you!
Rhonda Merry
Susan Liles
Lynette Chiles
Valerie Bishop
DeeDee Roe

Stop back by tomorrow...If you dare...LoL!!!
Keep Creating,

Miss Tracy :)
P.S. This photo was one of my costumes in years past...Can you guess what I am?????


Joyce Woodhead said...

you are a smarties candy.

Joyce Woodhead said...

My favorite custome has a child. was princess custome my Mom got for me, My favorite candy to get in my bag was a Hershey bar.

DeeDee said...

Haha. Smarty pants :) Love the orange and green wires!

Linda Hahn said...

I remember that costume, Miss Smarty Pants! Love the black and is that REAL corn candy in the box?

Linda Hahn said...

Meant to say love the black cat.

Anonymous said...

i love love it, everything you guys do is beautiful..... my favorite candy was smarties....

Rhonda Merry said...

She don't need no stinkin' costume for us to know she's a smarty pants. hehe
Love the kit Miss Tracy.