Sunday, November 17, 2013

12 Days of Ornaments begins today!!!!

Good Morning Dear Friends!
It's time once again for one of our favorite features over at the Little Blue House!

Today is Day #1 of our 12 Days of Ornaments Extravaganza!

Beginning today, Nov. 17th, each day we will feature a tutorial for a hand-made ornament. The 12th ornament will be featured on Thanksgiving Day...Just in time for the Tree to go up!

You will also enjoy a chance to WIN one of the ornaments featured by simply posting a comment each day on the LBH blog...We will draw a winner each day! So bookmark us, become a follower, and craft with us over the next 12 days! Many of the supplies used are available at the LBH and the ornaments will be displayed on our tree.

I have the great pleasure of featuring Ornament #1:

Every year I create an ornament for my tree that preserves my memories of the LBH. This year I designed a snow globe. This could easily be adapted and changed to other colors...I think I'm going to make one for our family cabin (which is green)....or it could simply be an adorable holiday house...

 LBH Snowglobe Ornament
Designed by: Tracy Pounds
Supplies Needed:
(all supplies available for purchase at the LBH)
Custom Wood House - LBH
Inka Gold - Cobalt Blue
Mini Bottle Brush Tree
White craft paint & Icicle or Diamond Stickles
Corrugated Black Paper
Scrap piece of Black Cardstock
Candy Jellies - 1 for doorknob
Clear Fillable Ornament
Faux Snow
Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun
Dryer Sheet

These ornaments are very simple and fun to make. Follow along and I will show you my easy "How To":
Begin by applying the blue inka gold to your wood house. Inka Gold comes in a variety of colors so you have several options of colors for your house. Apply it with your finger. It dries instantly and has a wax-like feel with a satiny-smooth finish.....gorgeous!

Cut two rectangles from Black Corrugated Paper (Fancy Pants) for the roof top.You will want 8 mountains which measures very closely to 1 1/2 x 1 inches.

Hot glue into place, wrapping around both sides.

You will overlap them and it will look like this when you have both pieces in place....

Remove the wood base from your mini bottle brush tree.
Twists off easily. 

Paint this base white...this way it will blend right into the snow.

Cut a small door from a scrap piece of black cardstock and glue into place. Attach a Candy Jellie Dot (Queen & Co.) for the doorknob.

Glue the Mini Bottle Brush Tree to the House. Slightly off set as shown here... 
 Glue the white base that was on your tree to the bottom of your house. This will give it some lift and make it easier to attach inside the ornament. 

Dab on some Stickles (Ranger) to the rooftop and the tree using your finger. Allow to dry.

Here's a great tip! To eliminate static electricity, take a recycled dryer sheet and rub inside of the ornament...\
This helps get rid of the static :)))))))

Apply some hot glue to the bottom of the white wood base and attach inside one half of the ornament. Hold for a second till it is good and dry. 

Lay the ornament down and using a spoon, pour in a few of the faux snow pellets behind the house. Be careful not to overfill. 
Attach the over half of the ornament and hold up so that the snow fills around the house and tree. 

Tie off some fun ribbon to the top and waa laa....You have an adorable LBH SnowGlobe Ornament! All ready to hang on the tree!

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial and please post a comment...One lucky commenter will be chosen and announced tomorrow morning! Tell me one of your favorite memories of the first Christmas you celebrated in your home. 

Be sure to visit the LBH blog tomorrow to see Ornament #2 
designed by Rhonda Merry. 

Merry Crafting,
Miss Tracy :)


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Very nice Little Blue house! Where is the sign?

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Adorable little blue house globe.