Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Pretty Petals Ornaments

Good Morning friends! It's day #8 of the LBH 12 Days of Ornaments feature. I hope you have enjoyed all the ornament tutorials that we have featured so far and will stay tuned for the final four...they are FaBuLouS! 
 I have a couple of great handmade ornaments to share with you...Introducing my Pretty Petals Poinsettia Ornament and my Pretty Petals Snowflake Ornament!

I call them Pretty Petals because they are made from multiple petals and SO easy to create. Continue reading and I'll show you how! They are layered in a way that makes the Ornament appear to have a lovely intricate design.

You may be curious about the material that I used to make my Pretty Petal Poinsettia and my Pretty Petal Snowflake. It's the same rolled corrugate that was used on yesterday's Frosty Snowmen. 
Let's Begin with the Pretty Petal Snowflake Ornament...
Here are the  supplies you will need:

Six Strips of Corrugate - 3/4 x 6 in.
Five Strips of Corrugate - 1/4 x 6 in.
White Paint
Snow Tex & Plastic Knife
Diamond Stickles
Hot Glue
Cropadile or Hole Punch
Embellishment for center of Snowflake:
Mistables Snowflake (Studio Calico)
Glitter Ball
Baker's Twine
All of these items are available at the Little Blue House!

Let's get started! 
The corrugate is really easy to cut. You can cut it with your scissors or a guillotine style cutter. Begin, by painting the smooth side of all of your corrugate strips. 

Let it dry and then apply Diamond Stickles. I dotted some of the stickles on a strip and then pounced/spread it over the strip with my finger. Repeat this step with each strip and allow to dry.

On the currugated side of each strip we will be applying SnowTex.

I used the glistening SnowTex that sparkles. If you use regular SnowTex, you can add stickles after it's dry to add sparkle. Using a plastic knife, I spread the SnowTex over the corrugate. Don't cover completely...leave some of the corrugate showing through.

Let the SnowTex dry...You can speed the process along by drying with your heat gun. Be cautious though! Too much heat, too close up...could scorch the product giving you brown snow. 

Once dry, you can begin making your petals. This is very easy to do! Just dot a some hot glue on the end of the smooth side of your strip and attach the opposite end to create a loop. Make petals out of all five 1/4 in. strips and five of the six 3/4 in. strips.

Now take your final remaining 3/4 in. strip and coil into a circle. Use hot glue to secure on the end. 

Lay out the 3/4 in. petals and circle center as shown here...Hot glue into place. I'm working on top of my heat resistant craft mat.

To pull the petals together, simply add another drop of hot glue in between each petal and hold together with your fingers until the glue has set up. Repeat between each petal.

Our base of the ornament is now complete...time to layer! Apply a nice blob of hot glue to the center coiled circle of the base ornament and then begin positioning your 1/4 in. petals into the glue. Each petal will touch in the center. Position as shown where the top petal is layered in between the larger base petals.

It will look like this when you are finished...If your ornament is like this point it was covered in glue hairs. You can easily dissolve the glue hairs by applying a little hot air with your heat gun. It's like magic! They just dissappear!

I punched a hole in one base petal tip and looped through a piece of Baker's Twine to create my ornament hanger. I adorned my center of my Snowflake (on both sides) with a Mistables Snowflake. I added a little stickles to it to make it sparkle. Then I cut my small styrophoam glitter ball in half and mounted it to the center of the small snowflake. 

I LoVe the end result! So pretty...and I love that I could make all different sizes to adorn my tree or hang on a garland or wreath!

Now you can follow the exact same steps and create my Pretty Petals Poinsettia...This time I painted my strips with Red Paint on both sides and then painted over that with a product called Craft Twinkles. I used is like a glitter glaze and adds a lovely glittery effect. 
Onve your paint and twinkles are dry...then create your petals and circle coiled center just like the Snowflake Ornament. Here is a quick picture review of your steps...

Here is a look at my Pretty Petals Poinsettia...

I hope you will be inspired to recreate these Pretty Petal Ornaments! We have loads of the rolled corrugate material at the LBH that we are selling in 1 yd. bundles. You will love crafting with it and even's extremely budget friendly!

I hope you will stop by the HouSe this week to see these beauties on display on our LBH Christmas Tree...Pictures hardly do them justice AND if you would like a chance to WIN your choice of these two ornaments, please POST a COMMENT on the LBH blog and you will be entered into a random drawing for a chance to WIN!  

Have a Merry Day!
Miss Tracy :)

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