Monday, May 14, 2012

Only 1 more day til the Grand Reveal of Sew Artsy!

Good Morning All!

This is going to be a quick post for me this morning...because I have a million things to do today to ensure everything is ready to go for tomorrow's Grand Reveal of Sew Artsy!!!

I hope you have enjoyed all the "peeking" over the last couple of days. Here are a couple more sneakers for you to enjoy!

Look at the old zippers...50 cents each...and I love the packaging that says UNIQUE...How fitting is that?!?! I am "Sew" in love with this kit! I'm just bursting at the seams to be able to show you more! I won't have to wait long....only 1 more day!!!

Don't forget to go post your comments on the LBH Blog at
 Today is the final day to post your comments for a chance to WIN a FREE Sew Artsy kit!

Pre-Orders have begun. If you would like to ensure that this wonderful kit arrives on your front porch, you may pre-order online at

You may also pre-order over the phone today at (817) 431-7930. The LBH is closed on Mondays but will be open Tuesday morning at 10am if you want to stop by and see it all in person. 

Be sure to check out my fellow DT members blogs for more Peeks!

Keep Creating and Stay Tuned....
Miss Tracy :)


Amy said...

Can't wait to pick mine up this week!

Linda Hahn said...

I see spools and old zippers!! Whew!! I love spools "sew" much!! This brings back many memeories of sewing clothes. I loved the feel and even the smell of the old wooden spools. My husband and I bought an old spool chest 40 years ago in Pennsylvania. We paid $40.00 for it, which was a lot to us at that time. I recently saw one just like it in an antique store for $850.00!