Friday, February 3, 2012

Calling all Crafty Kiddos!!!
Come join me for my next Crafty Kiddo Workshop...We will be creating some
"Sweet Stuff" just in time for Valentine's Day!

Valentine Trading Cards & Card Holder
In this Crafty Kiddos Workshop, each kiddo will create 20-24 Valentine Trading Cards (enough for all of their classmates) and a creative container for them! Each trading card will feature some fun sentiments on them....Take a looksie....

They will create multiples of each of these styles. The container is actually a clear pillow box that your Kiddo will transform into an adorable Owl! It's Super Cute!

When completed it makes a perfect container for all of their Valentine Trading Cards...

"Sweet Stuff" Workshop
Sunday, 2/5
Cost: $20
Ages: 7 and up
(if under 7, Mom will need to attend)

If you would like for your kiddo to join in the crafty fun, please stop by or contact the Little Blue House at (817)431-7930.
Hope to see you and your kiddos soon!!!
Miss Tracy :)

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