Sunday, October 23, 2011

Playing Possum!!!

Hello friends!
Have you heard the expression "Playing Possum"?? Well Rhonda and I now know the true meaning of the phrase! As we were preparing to open the Little Blue House last Thursday morning, we did our normal routine and of which is taking out the trash. As Rhonda, walked out the backdoor to lean over the step railing to drop the trash in the can, she let out a squeal and starts hollering for me to come quick! As I peaked over the railing, this is what I saw (of course I immediately ran over to get my camera...the obsessive picture-taker that I am!) ...It is a small possum all curled up in our grass clippings that Scott had put in there the day before...
He was all snuggled up in the grass and looked SO cute and sweet...right?!?! So Rhonda quickly deduces that he must have come up the steps and jumped into the trash can and now the "sweet" thing can't get out.....

So of course, we must help the little fella out (cause we're such kind animal-friendly peeps ya know!) So I'm taking pictures and Rhonda carefully tips over the trash can on it's side. We both expect our furry friend to go running out, but instead nothing happens, no scampering, no scurrying, not even a sound?!?!
Maybe he is hurt...we wonder?!?! So we slowly walk to the edge of the can...Rhonda in front and me with camera in hand...

and THIS is what we see! He's not so cute when he's lunging to attack you with teeth and nails gnarling and making the most AwFuL hissing noise I've ever heard! Rhonda runs, I snap the photo and run!

I'm amazed at how something that seemed SO cute and helpless in a flash turned into something so terrifying and hideous! We learned our lesson and now are a little more cautious when taking out the trash...hee hee! This little stinker must be the culprit that keeps getting into our trash at night. I'm getting really tired of cleaning up after him. If you have any tips on how I might keep him out of my garbage....PLEASE share them with me! One of my customers said to put vinegar in the cans??
Love to hear some of your critter stories??
Beware of possums playing possum...haha!!
Miss Tracy :)

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michelle adler said...

Oh dear.... This is just what I needed to start my Monday morning. I laughed so hard I could hardly see to read.
Thanks girls for ALWAYS making me smile.

Michelle Adler