Saturday, June 25, 2011

Yummy Treat Towers!

Hi Everyone!
I wanted to share some really yummy Treat Towers that we are creating over at the Little Blue House! These Treat Towers were designed by me and our custom cut for our LBH customers. I designed them so that they can be easily taken apart for storage if you don't want to leave yours our all the time. These Treat Towers would be so CUTE for your next Party filled with treats, cupcakes, etc. or if your like me, I'm always looking for creative ways to display and store my art supplies in my studio! These towers look great with jars filled with this & that...anything from Buttons to all looks fabulous!
With any of the Home Decor projects that we create at the LBH, we always let you choose your own paint colors and papers! This way you can create something custom that matches your taste and decor. Take a look at these Towers created by
Elizabeth Bray and Linda Kratzert...

If you would like to create a Treat Tower for yourself, just give me a call at the LBH (817) 431-7930 and you can reserve a seat at any of our LBH buffets.  Have a creative weekend!!

Keep Creating,
Miss Tracy :)

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DeeDee said...

Adorable.. I might need one soon.. hehehe!