Monday, April 18, 2011

Non-chocolate Easter Treat!!

I know...I know...Why in the world would
anyone ever want such a thing?!?!?!  
Well, even though most of us can enjoy loads of chocolate...
My grandboy Kaden is only 2 and I have been trying to think of alternatives to candy that I can put in his Easter Basket.  I was blog hopping and came across this adorable Easter Carrot!
Take a look...
I was so excited to stumble across this!!! These carrots will be perfect for him and they will be so easy to put together! I just had to share it with you in case you were looking for any simple Easter Treat ideas. If you have any other non-chocolate,
toddler-friendly ideas, please post them.
 I would love to hear your suggestions!

Hoppy Easter!
Miss Tracy :)


Suella said...

Great Tracy, luv this

Linda Hahn said...

Such a GREAT idea!! I'll save it for next year when Avery can eat them!!

Jennifer aka Scrappin' Aggie said...

we always loved bubbles and sidewalk chalk in the baskets. that carrot treat is so cute!