Friday, February 4, 2011

Kids + Snow = Great Day!

 Hayden, Noah, Taylor & Maddi stopped only for one quick second to pose for a photo...then the snowball wars began!
 Lookin' good in that hat Maddi!
 Of course Hayden (14 yrs.) refuses to put on his coat...He didn't last too long out there....ha!
 Maddi better watch out...I think her BFF Taylor is about to give her a snowball surprise!
The kiddos made a sign for their Snowman directing you all to
 The Little Blue House!  Isn't that cute! I guess i've trained them well...heehee.

Enjoy the snow while it lasts!


JMeaux said...

You've got some cute & adorable kiddos Miss Tracy!!! and yes, I think you've trained them quite well!

DeeDee said...

Too Cute... I mean the kids of course....future artists indeed

LollyChops said...

I love the snowman with the LBH sign! What great kids!