Monday, November 15, 2010

Coming Home...the return of the Windows!

I was so thrilled when I rec'd a call that the ORIGINAL windows to the home (which is now my business - The Little Blue House) were still hanging around in storage!  I couldn't hardly believe that they would still be here considering the house was built in 1954.  I calmly tried to keep my composure as I made an offer for them...I wasn't about to let them slip out of my hands!! 
 Upon picking them up, I found out they had more from another old property....YAY for me!!! I now am the proud owner of 25 windows and a was a beautiful, old, stained glass window! (I'm keeping that one for myself)  I can't wait to design something with these windows in mind...don't be surprised if you see a NEW class opportunity come up this Spring...hint hint!
Anyway...I just had to share my moment of joy with you! It was such a great feeling knowing that the windows had returned home, so to speak...sleeping peacefully now up in the attic of the LBH!

Hope joy finds you today!
Miss Tracy :)


LollyChops said...

I cannot wait to see these in person!!!... and oh the possibilities! Amazing! I am so thrilled to be a part of this with you!

Rhonda Merry said...

I didn't realize there were so many. It will be exciting to see what the Gals create!

Linda Hahn said...

How great to find the original windows that belonged to the LBH!!! I know you'll take good care of them!! The stained glass one should certainly be yours---you earned it!! I think I saw it Tuesday in the kitchen and was going to ask you about it, but forgot. It's really pretty!! Thanks for getting them for us--- I know they will turn out "special"!!!