Friday, June 11, 2010

Organization Fav's in the Shack...

Hello Everyone!
I have had so many requests lately on organizational ideas so I decided to post some pic's...
My creative space happens to be a 10x16 building in my backyard that my family has affectionately named the Scrap Shack. It's fully insulated, has air cond/heating, and is packed from floor to ceiling with all my favorite things!! I would like to share a couple of my organization fav's ...they have added some much needed order to the Scrap Shack.

My Punch Rack (designed by my hubby):
Punches are so bulky and I hated keeping mine stuffed in a drawer or box because for me "out of sight" means "out of mind". I am such a visual person...I like to SEE all of my stuff. So my hubby came up with this amazing idea. He went to Lowes (or maybe it was Home Depot) and bought a piece of metal, then he measured the depth of the punches agaist the wall and cleverly bent the metal into shape with the help of his handy vice. He then attached it to the wall with screws and loaded it with my punches.
I currently have 3 punch bars in the Shack and I love them. Now, all of my punches are right there within arm's reach and I find that I use them so much more now.
Added bonus -- they look beautiful and I can look at them lovingly all day long! ha!
Here is a great idea for organizing your ribbon...Let's face it...ribbon is a beast! I am a ribbon addict and I have had such a difficult time trying to figure out the best way to store it. This system works great for me! I purchased several white photo boxes just like this one...
Then, I measured the inside of the boxes and cut some pieces of chipobard that were slightly smaller than my measurement. Next, I sorted my ribbon into basic color groups. Then, I simply began wrapping my pieces of ribbon onto the chipboard and secured the ends with pearl head pins. They fit so perfectly in the boxes and now I can group them easily by color.
If you are a visual person (like me) then place the lid under the box so you can see the beautiful colors of ribbon. If you would rather keep a tidier appearance in your creative space, then simply place the lid on the box and create a label for your ribbon box with the color group listed on it.
Thanks so much for following my blog...I hope these ideas will help to give you some solutions to your organizational challenges. Have a great weekend and remember...
Stay true to your passion -- Keep Creating!

Joyfully Yours,
Tracy :)


Deanna Cosgrove said...

Both are FAB ideas. I love the idea of pearl top pins---decorative and functional at the same time!

Mrs. Saylor's First Grade Class said...

Hmmm. If only... Is it always this neat? I love how you display your punches!!!!!!