Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Z's, Q's, V's...oh my!

Do you have lots of random letters left over in your stash of supplies?? If you answered yes, then you will love this project! I designed this project for last month's Scrapstasher's meeting. It is the perfect solution to help you use all those left over chipboard alpha's...especially the ones that you seldom use like Z's, Q's, X's, etc. Altered Alpha Frame
Designed By: Tracy Pounds

This is such a simple project to create and when finished, it really looks like the letters are actually carved out of the frame itself. Follow these simple steps and you can re-create an Altered Alpha Frame of your own.

Tracy's How To:
1. I first painted a raw wood frame and set it aside to dry.

2. Next, begin randomly placing your chipboard letters on the frame. When you have them all in the desired positions, adhere them to the frame using a liquid adhesive.

3. Now, reapply the same paint color over the entire frame. Be sure to get all of the edges of your letters. This creates a great visual effect becuase it makes the frame and letters look as if they are one piece.

4. When completely dry, lightly rub over the letters with a distress ink pad in a swift streaking motion. Do this quickly in a vertical direction and then in a horizontal direction. This creates fabulous dimension and will add a touch of color to your Altered Alpha Frame.

5. Lastly, I sealed my frame with a quick spray of Polyurethane (semi-gloss) to give it a nice professional, protective finish.

I hope you will be inspired to put those left over letters of yours to good use and will create a frame for yourself! If you have any questions or comments, please post them and I will be happy to reply back to you.

Happy Creating,
Tracy :)


craftieodamae said...

this is gorgeous! What a great idea, tfs

June Houck said...

What a wonderful idea! This turned out fabulously :)

Deborah said...

Tracy, it's Debbie. Check your e-mails at cre8joy.... I am going to take the 2nd of October off to go to Anthologies. Cannot wait. Miss you. Debbie WEINSCHENKLE!