Sunday, July 26, 2009

CHA...Here I come!

If you happen to take a look out your window around 7:15am on Mon. morning, feel free to wave at my plane as it soars thru the air headed to sunny Orlando! You all know I am an extreme paper addict and I just can't wait to see the new paper collections in person! I'm also excited to see what new trends, colors, techniques and project samples are being featured by the vendors this time around! I made sure to bring my camera charger and an extra memory card so that I can take pictures galore! I will be posting some of my favorite finds on my blog and Nita and I will be posting even more fun photos, info and ... even some special video...on the Anthologies Blog.
I wish so badly that I could take all of you with me!

One person in particular really wants to travel along...Look at my precious little stow-away! I just can't seem to keep him out of my suitcase. No Kaden -- You can't come to CHA with Lolli but I promise to bring you a special surprise! As you can see, he could care less about the surprise...ha! Oh how I love my grand-boy!


Dede said...

Have Fun and I love that sweet smile. He is adorable.

Anna said...

my goodness..could you just not eat him up!! have fun with Nita. :)