Friday, July 31, 2009

CHA Day #3...

Another fabulous, crazy day...started about 5:30am and ran from booth to booth placing final orders. Rushed back to the hotel to meet shuttle that took us to the airport. Then proceeded to carry the 2 heaviest bags in the world and my carry on (quite a comical sight) to the baggage check in. Once thru security, stopped to grab a bite and then off to the gate. Happy to see that flight was on in and seated only to find out that our plane was 16th in line for take off...urgh!! Arrived safe and sound at DFW and was met by my DH, Hayden & Maddie. Felt so good to be home...felt even better when I arrived at home only to be surprised by my two oldest daughters (Rachel & Kristyn) with a yummy cake that was decorated with little dragonflies on it. They had carefully written these words on the side of the cake...It's a Beautiful Day at Home! How great it felt to actually be missed...ha! They were all so sweet and just made me feel like the luckiest Mom & Wife ever! I love my family SO much!

Joyfully Yours,
Tracy :)
P.S. Three videos are now loaded on the Anthologies Blog...with more to come! Happy dragonfly counting gals! I will post some of my favorite finds later this weekend...night night!

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