Monday, June 29, 2009

Fun with Tim Holtz & Cheryl Darrow

I had such an amazing time assisting with Cheryl and Tim's Workshop at Ten Seconds Studio on Sunday! Check out this fabulous Shadowbox project that Tim and Cheryl collaborated on! It is a beautiful shadow box filled with miniature canvases! I had so much fun helping everyone with their projects and getting to know them and where they were from. One lady travelled all the way from Alaska to attend the event!!
Designed by: Tim Holtz & Cheryl Darrow
I had even more fun making my own project and let me tell you NoOnE teaches like Tim...he is so thorough and he uses a power point presentation so you can see every step! The class was organized so well and he is such a gifted artist..just amazing!!He was also extremely kind and's a pic of him signing autographs for the students. I will bring my Shadowbox to the next couple of Create Joy events so you can see it up close and personal. It is truly a work of art!!!

and ... let me not forget about Cheryl! I love you too Cheryl! As always, Cheryl does such a good job demo-ing and showing us just how easy it is to create beautiful embossed metal art! I love to create with Ten Seconds Studio products...try it once and you will soon be putting metal on everything!! It's an addictive art form that's for sure!
Thanks Cheryl & Meagan for hosting this awesome event! Please do it again soon!

Here are pic's of my finished project...


JennK said...

WOW!! What an amazing project...just Beautiful!

Deanna Cosgrove said...

WOW, it's all I can say............

Jill W. said...

It appears everyone had a blast with all the excitement in DFW this past weekend.
Did T!m grant Megan a pass to Ranger U? I hope it happens soon!
You made an adorable work of art!