Thursday, April 16, 2009

Baby in a Box

Isn't it funny how some of the most unusual things can bring a baby so much joy?!?! You can spend so much money buying toys when in reality...all you need is a cardboard box! Ha! He had so much fun playing in that silly box! Check out these cute pic's:
Here are a few pictures that I took on Easter. We had such a wonderful day!


Denise said...

welcome back to blog world. He is getting so big so fast. Don't you love that the simplest of things never change such as box paper
and bubble wrap for the kids entertainment world. Don't need those exspensive toys!LOL

LollyChops said...

Hi! I am trying to reach you to see about signing up for your class on May 12. I sent an email last week but am not sure if I sent it to the right address. Please help! I would love to particpiate in some of your classes!