Monday, January 12, 2009

Want to get more organized?

I was asked to contribute to an organizational article on the Cuttlebug Challenge Blog this past week. So I decided to create a Swatch Book out of die cut tags that are embossed with my Cuttlebug folders. It is a great way to see all the designs I own at a I can see the positive and the negative design by looking at the front and back side of each tag. Here is a check out the entire article and other great organizational ideas from the on the Cuttlebug Challenge Blingee on the right hand of your screen or go to Hope you enjoy it and it inspires you to get organized for the New Year!

1 comment:

kmsaylor said...

Your idea was my favorite. I like my things out so I can see them! The easier it is for me to see, the more likely I am to use what I have! You are so smart and creative!